Introduction to Security Management Training

Welcome to the iSMTA KickStart Introduction to Security Management. The objective of this course is to provide the student with enough knowledge to understand the function of security management within a commercial business or organisation. This includes an understanding of the main functions of security, threats, risk reduction and good practice for students thinking about a career in security management.

This KickStart Course is designed as a basic introduction to the specialist function of security management within a business. The course will provide the student with enough detail to understand the role of security management within the business world and also to demonstrate the possibilities of a rewarding and challenging career for those who decide to become a security management specialist. There are many security management specialists throughout the business world, from junior to senior positions, with responsibilities and work pressures that are commensurate with rewards.

Basic Security Management

Security Management is that part of a business where a converged set of security, resilience and fraud functions are managed and focussed on the protection of the business, its brand, employees, assets and data by the use of multiple layers of interdependent systems. The main aim of security management is to help make the business more successful. This can involve strategies that enhance confidence with shareholders, customers and stakeholders, through to preventing damage to the business brand, actual losses and business disruptions.

The Basic Tasks of Security Management
The business would expect its security management department to:

  • Identify Important Assets
  • Conduct Threat and Risk Assessments
  • Publish and Maintain Security Policies and Procedures
  • Prevent Information and Data Theft
  • Prevent Terrorist or Extremist Attack
  • Prevent Fraud
  • Minimise Service Disruption
  • Protect Employees
  • The Role of a Security Management Specialist

    Is to ensure the business can be more successful and, at the same time, remain safe from harm. The main ways for a security management specialist to achieve this is through:

  • Identification of Threats
  • Assessment of Security, Fraud and Resilience Risks
  • Production and Implementation of Policies and Procedures
  • Setting a Security and Resilience Strategy and Culture
  • Providing Training and Awareness
  • Monitoring and Auditing Effectiveness
  • Compliance with Regulations and Standards
  • Investigations

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    This course is distance learning via e-learning, with the support of a dedicated tutor. For optimal experience you will be required to have access to the following:
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    • web browser such as Internet Explorer 7 or above (IE9 is recommended), Google Chrome, Firefox 3 or above, or Safari. Cookies and JavaScript will also need to be enabled
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    Assisted learning provides email/telephone support, plus online interaction with your tutor.
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