Security Courses

All of our e-learning security courses are written by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who are actively working within their field. The SMEs have passed on their knowledge and expertise to encourage and enable students, of any age, to become qualified. E-learning is the modern way ahead. Learning online enables you to forgo hours spent travelling to and from classrooms, wasting valuable learning time whilst at the same time enabling you to study at your own pace and at a time when it suits you.

Level 5 Courses

110 to 150 Hours

iSMTA Security Management Courses are aimed at being qualified at Level 5 brings you the added benefit of fully understanding the role of a Security Manager and having the knowledge of how to succeed in difficult situations, no matter how large, or small.
The Level 5 qualification in Physical Security will provide the knowledge and foresight to protect an organisation, or business, its assets and workforce. These are just some of the thought provoking areas that you will be taught.
Also known as Resilience. This Level 5 qualification identifies that the world is ever-changing and therefore business continuity, or resilience, needs to keep up to date with modern thinking and promote new modern ideas to support the business or client.
Whether you know this topic as Information Protection, or Cyber Security, you will benefit on both counts as the Subject Matter Expert shares his knowledge and expertise, leading to a well-earned Level 5 qualification.

Level 4 Courses

50 to 80 Hours

If you are just beginning to advance in to the world of security, then this course is the right place to start. Giving you an insight into the diverse and extensive range of skills required to become a Security Manager.

'How To' Courses

30 MINS to 10 Hours

Due to the terrorist incidents on oil and gas facilities, the need for protective security is paramount. This short course has been designed to provide much needed knowledge on the type of rigs and pipelines as well as the security considerations.
Whether you are an individual who travels alone on private business, or whether you travel regularly on corporate business, or even on your way to work, this course will give you an awareness and understanding on how to protect yourself.
Terrorism is on the increase wherever we are in the world. This course looks at the effects of terrorism and how to deal with it.
Many employees are left to work alone these days and in many different circumstances. This course provides advice on how to stay safe, whilst working in a potentially hostile environment, without the support of law enforcement.
There are many different forms of access control, e.g. gaining access to a building with an ID card, barriers into car parks, barriers to stop access to public roads, or gated properties. This course will give you examples of how access control works and the design and implementation.

bitesized & Kickstart Courses

15 mins to 30 mins

If you are considering changing your career or moving up the ladder within security to become a security manager, then this introduction course will provide an overview of the requirements and knowledge understanding before you choose your training provider.
For those that hold an SIA License or are new to the security sector, that want to have a better understanding of physical security. Then this short introduction course will provide much needed answers to questions you may have.
If you are considering changing your career or moving into Cyber Security from a Non-Technical working environment, then this introduction course will provide an overview and knowledge understanding of Cyber Security Management for those that don’t have a technical IT background.

Further information on security courses

iSMTA is a leading e-learning security courses and health and saftey courses provider that has recognition not only by academic rigor, but also from the industry. the security courses are all written and updated in order to stay modern in their content.