Oil Gas Security Course

Welcome to the Oil Gas Security training Course. Global energy and its demands are expected to rise by as much as 50% over the next decade. This with ever depleting oil and gas reserves will mean even more extensive exploration and production activities by the Oil and Gas industry.

A large proportion of this is expected to come from many parts of the undeveloped world, bringing more challenges to the operating companies and more importantly to the security of these operations.
Security provides Companies with the freedom to operate in a safe environment. It allows for more freedom of movement and productivity of its infrastructure and platforms, along with its exploration operations.
Due to the ever changing climate, world views and politics, the security of operations within the oil and gas industry have been become even more important and vast in its bid to keep up with the demands of the modern market.

Oil Gas Security training breakdown

The oil and gas industry is a multimillion dollar business and therefore the demands on its security are higher than ever. Unpredictable governments, demanding geographical settings and the ever increasing terrorist threat has meant that security companies and their personnel are required to have the best training and experience available.
Therefore this security course has been designed with the aim to give advice and training to security Site Managers (SSM) and Close Protection Operators (CPO) working specifically in the following areas of the oil and gas industry:

• Introduction to Rigs
• Fixed Drilling sites & Security
• Mobile Drilling platforms & Security
• Oil and Gas pipe line Security

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Course Delivery

This course is distance learning via e-learning, with the support of a dedicated tutor. For optimal experience you will be required to have access to the following:
  • A PC or Laptop running Windows XP and above, or a Mac running OSX
  • web browser such as Internet Explorer 7 or above (IE9 is recommended), Google Chrome, Firefox 3 or above, or Safari. Cookies and JavaScript will also need to be enabled
  • If you are using a tablet or smartphone, then applications can be downloaded to enable optimal delivery (these applications will be prompted by our system, when required)
  • nternet connection speed of at least 256k, 3G or 4G, but we recommend over 1Mb
Assisted learning provides email/telephone support, plus online interaction with your tutor.
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