IQ Level 5 Fraud Prevention Professional

Welcome to the iSMTA and our Modern Fraud Prevention Training course for professionals at Level 5, which is certified by Industry Qualifications (IQ) who are approved by qualification regulators in the UK.

Fraud Prevention training has been a necessary part of business for a long time. The need to protect the business, its brand reputation, its people, its profits and its financial secrets is critical, the value of which is often only recognised when something goes wrong. Every business, or individual, will be protected by some type of Fraud Prevention measures, with most measures being so normal that they are a simple part of our everyday lives. The chip and pin protocol for credit cards, passwords for computers, security questions when we call our banks, are just some examples.

Fraud Prevention training being modern

Another feature of Fraud Prevention training is that it needs to be ever-changing, to adapt to evolving threats, to changing business needs and to our ever-changing world. Fraud Prevention must continue to modernise to maintain the value and effectiveness. Those employed to advise on Fraud Prevention, need to keep modern too. Having qualified through this programme is an excellent way to be a Modern Fraud Prevention Professional and provides a perfect pathway to further Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

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Course Delivery

This course is distance learning via e-learning, with the support of a dedicated tutor. For optimal experience you will be required to have access to the following:
  • A PC or Laptop running Windows XP and above, or a Mac running OSX
  • web browser such as Internet Explorer 7 or above (IE9 is recommended), Google Chrome, Firefox 3 or above, or Safari. Cookies and JavaScript will also need to be enabled
  • If you are using a tablet or smartphone, then applications can be downloaded to enable optimal delivery (these applications will be prompted by our system, when required)
  • nternet connection speed of at least 256k, 3G or 4G, but we recommend over 1Mb
Assisted learning provides email/telephone support, plus online interaction with your tutor.
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