What do we mean by the term ‘Physical Security’?

Physical security can include various security measures which can be used in conjunction with each other in order to protect assets, including general infrastructure and assets of a critical nature. Such security measures include detection systems, access control systems, fencing and barriers, security manpower and search and screening, to name just a few elements.

Physical security has been present for centuries, with the main evolutionary changes being that of technology, materials and some of the processes involved in designing physical security. Much has been learned over time and especially in terms of what is beneficial and what is not, and we continue to learn how best to design and implement physical security measures.

Physical security consultancy is an area of security which requires experience, knowledge and relevant training in the context of physical security. Any physical security training undertaken should be informative, progressive and cover the level of detail required when working with physical security. The aim of any type of physical security training is to ensure that the learner can demonstrate knowledge in aspects of the discipline including identification, planning, implementation and reviewing of such measures.

iSMTA not only delivers the highest level of training, but the academy is also able to assist post certification with any queries or support needed from learners, this ensures that ongoing development is achieved.

Gaining the knowledge to assess locations is an excellent skill to possess and one that is highly regarded in the security industry and also by potential client’s meaning that any up-skill in terms of this subject is likely to enhance your career within a security context. There are many aspects to securing assets and buildings including actually understanding the current threats and also having an understanding that these threats could change over time, understanding competent risk assessments and how to conduct them, convergence and how individual aspects of security can integrate in order to promote physical security and having knowledge of the different products and services that will help implement any strategy.

If you are a practicing security professional or are responsible for security measures in your building or company, then the iSMTA Level 5 Modern Physical Security course can assist, so speak to a member of our team today.