The iSMTA are delighted and proud to announce a partnership with the International Professional Security Association to provide modern e-learning courses for their members.
On behalf of the International Professional Security Association, the announcement was made by Justin Bentley, CEO and Jane Farrell, Chair, at their recent Annual General Meeting held in London.
Our partnership will be to:
• Deliver a dedicated e-learning portal for IPSA members
• Support IPSA’s commitment to professional development
• Provide a range of CPD courses
This announcement sets another milestone to the acceptance of professional courses by e-learning that we at the iSMTA can provide to the security industry.

iSMTA values it’s partnership with RISC Associates

The iSMTA have been partners with RISC Associates for many years and it’s a partnership that is increasing in value. Acting as an agent, it is RISC Associates who connected iSMTA to IPSA through Sodexo UK to provide specific security eLearning courses for employees.
From left to right in the picture Edward Dunne from RISC Associates is alongside Jane Farrell, Head of Security for Sodexo UK and Ireland (IPSA Chairwomen) and on the right Tremaine Kent,owner and technical leader of the iSMTA.

Through RISC Associates, Sodexo and other clients are provided with modern e-Learning courses from the iSMTA range, which helps employees achieve greater security awareness. This is a significant benefit to the employee and to the employer.
Our thanks to RISC Associates, we value you.