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Terrorism Awareness Course

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Media coverage of terrorist incidents around the world testifies to the fact that terrorism presents a constant threat to institutions, businesses and individuals. There is therefore a pressing need to understand and be aware of possible terrorist threats domestically and internationally. Our terrorism awareness training course enables you to gain the knowledge thus allowing you to make more informed decisions to minimise the effects from global terrorism. This course fulfils the needs of many participants, security professionals, employers and, public bodies to private individuals.

The iSMTA Terrorism Awareness course has been designed by professionals in order to educate and inform individuals on the basic history of terrorism, the effects of terrorism and how to deal with terrorism. The course provides knowledge of the methods terrorists use and how to identify threats and reduce the impact of terrorist incidents. The e-learning course is informative and of interest to anyone concerned with understanding and minimise terrorist threats. The course combined with current global news enables you to place what you see in the media into context and aid in your future decision making as an individual or part of your working environment.

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This course is very useful for everybody particularly in this era where terrorist incidents occur everywhere. It would be good to initiate this type of training in school. (G. Ismael)


What this course provides and how it will benefit you

This course has been designed for those who may be travelling to hostile environments or who may wish to have a deeper knowledge of terrorism. It is highly suitable for employers implementing a Duty of Care policy for employees to become more aware of terrorist threats and the appropriate security counter-measures.

Individuals who will benefit from this course include security professionals wishing to enhance their professional development, those employed in the hospitality industry or in large-scale retail developments, private citizens and travellers to potentially hostile environments.

Unlike other providers iSMTA is an e-learning purist, in that all taught content that is delivered by one of our many Subject Matter Experts (SME) is a close resemblance to actually being in the classroom, but without all the costs and time constraints. This self-certifying (duty of care) course delivered over one hour will enable you to apply some basic reasoning to make informed decisions as to your safety.

How it Works
By joining our Academy you will receive the following:

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What you will be Taught
The Terrorism Awareness course is broken down into three Modules which allows you to firstly, understand terrorism, secondly, recognise the effects of terrorism and thirdly, how to reduce the impact of terrorism. The course is intended to get you to conduct further research in order to combine the currency of news and media with the taught content. The Modules for this course are:


Module 1: Introduction to Terrorism – This module will look at the history of terrorism and guide you through the modern threats.


Module 2: Effects of Terrorism – This module will show the terrorist tactics and common targets, after-which highlighting the effects of terrorism.


Module 3: Dealing with Terrorism – This module considers appropriate basic measures to identify markers and recognise suspicious activity to implement personal contingencies and decision making.

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4 reviews for Terrorism Awareness Course

  1. 4 out of 5


    May i suggest some more case studies in each discipline to further highlight MO’s, and frequency of attacks, also maybe talk about post incident leaning. Thank you

  2. 5 out of 5


    it’s good to learn at your own pace

  3. 5 out of 5


    Great short course, will keep coming back to this to re learn. 5**

  4. 4 out of 5


    This course is very useful for everybody particularly in this era where terrorist incidents occur everywhere. It would be good to initiate this type of training in school.

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