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This Terrorism Awareness course provides Duty of Care for those that need an understanding and awareness of terrorism

Terrorism Awareness Course

Introduction to the Terrorism Awareness Course

Media coverage of terrorist incidents around the world testifies to the fact that terrorism presents a constant threat to institutions, businesses and individuals. There is therefore a pressing need to understand and be aware of possible terrorist threats and minimise their effects through training. Our terrorism awareness training course fulfills that need and is appropriate for a wide-range of participants, from security professionals, employers and, public bodies to private individuals.

Our Terrorism Awareness credit course has been designed by subject matter experts in order to educate and inform delegates in the history of terrorism, the effects of terrorism and how to deal with terrorism. The course provides in depth knowledge of the methods terrorists use and how to identify threats and reduce the impact of terrorist incidents. The e-learning course is informative and of interest to anyone concerned with understanding and mitigating terrorist threats.

Course Creator: Tremaine Kent

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Why take this course?

This course has been designed for those who may be travelling to hostile environments or who may wish to have a deeper knowledge of terrorism. It is highly suitable for employers implementing a Duty of Care policy for employees to become more aware of terrorist threats and the appropriate security counter measures.

Individuals who will benefit from this course include security professionals wishing to enhance their professional development, those employed in the hospitality industry or in large-scale retail developments, private citizens and travellers to potentially hostile environments.

Course Modules

The Terrorism Awareness course is broken down into three Modules which allow you to firstly, understand terrorism, secondly, recognise the effects of terrorism and thirdly, how to reduce the impact of terrorism. The Modules for this course are:

Module 1: Introduction to Terrorism
– History of Terrorism
– The Modern Threat
Module 2: Effects of Terrorism
– Terrorist Tactics
– Common Terrorist Targets
– The Effects of Terrorism
Module 3: Dealing with Terrorism
– Identifying Markers
– Situational Awareness
– Recognising Suspicious Activity
– Contingency Planning
– Actions to Reduce Risk
– Post Incident Considerations

Opportunities after the course?

This course provides an appreciation of the history, aims and counter-measures to terrorism and is a valuable addition to a security professional’s continuing education. In a world in which terrorism is ever-present it opens the door to the continuing opportunities to provide advice and guidance on terrorism mitigation to Businesses, Organisations such as charities and individuals working in potentially hostile environments.

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