Peabody Signs Agreement with iSMTA via SecureMinds

We are proud to work with different organisations and at times it may be difficult to show how we actually do this, so we would like to share a new venture with you. One of our recent clients was Peabody who are a leading housing trust within London, Peabody first started in 1864 whereby their first homes were completed.

Being such a large organisation with many employees that needed to have continual duty of care training, meant that Peabody spent a lot of time and resources providing physical training which had an emmense cost and drain on time and resources. The type of training we are talking about is the yearly required staff (1000 strong) training in various health and safety courses such as Data Protection, Fire Safety, Asbestos Awareness and so on.

After a rigerous pre-qualification and being shortlisted to present our company to Peabody, we were invited to London to demonstrate what we could provide in front of a panel of in house experts. Successfully, we won and was awarded the contract ahead of 14 other training/e-learning providers.

With the development of the courses and also the integration of our professional Learning Management System and the input from our experienced trainers, we were able to not only provide a working platform whereby Peabody staff could conduct their learning in their own time and through interactive and enhanced e-learning and support but also we have been taken on as the learning management system of Peabody.

In order to dsliver this service we worked with the learning management team to create a learning platform blended to their organisation which meant total customisation of Learning Management Systems (LMS) and courses.