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Hostile Environment Close Protection Course (Management)

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Welcome to the iSMTA and our Hostile Environment Close Protection Course at Level 3, which is certified by Industry Qualifications (IQ) who are approved by qualification regulators in the UK.

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The Hostile Environments Close Protection Course (Management), presents a modern approach to working in hostile environments on protective security details and close protection tasks.

Through the privatisation of security within war-torn countries over the past decade, most reconstruction projects require the support of professional expat security providers from a contractual, legal and insurance requirement. Regrettably, there are many high-risk security operatives around the world today making supervisory or managerial decisions affecting Protective Security Details (PSD) who have no formal competency qualifications. As a result, both the security details and their principals may be placed at unnecessary risk of physical harm.

The iSMTA Level 3 Hostile Environment Close Protection course has been designed to effectively deliver a first for management qualifications and train those required to manage operatives working within hazardous countries on protective security details and close protection tasks, and it provides recognition and certification as a Professional Hostile Environments Close Protection Manager, which adds value to the clients and builds on the operatives Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

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I thought the course was good and met my expectations. I found the help from the tutor and online resources excellent. The layout of the course was good and easy to follow. (C. Norris)


What this hostile environment close protection course provides and how it will benefit you

The iSMTA e-learning Hostile Environment Close Protection course (Management), has been designed for anyone wishing to gain a recognised Industry Qualification (IQ) Level 3 Award. So if you already work in hostile environments on protective security contracts, or are new to the sector this course will enable you to gain the verifiable recognition of your management knowledge.

Many other providers focus on the operational practical applications (Firearms and Medical) of working within hostile environments, however iSMTA has created this unique management qualification for both military and civilian contractors that need to have the skills to manage protective security within hostile environments. All the taught content is delivered via e-learning that mimics the classroom, but without all the costs and time constraints. This recognised qualification is delivered over 80 hours.

The Qualification
The qualification approved Industry Qualifications (IQ) through the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF) is certified as: IQ Level 3 Award Hostile Environment Close Protection Management. Split over 6 Units, at Level 3,  is the equivalent to that of a‘A’ Level in the UK.

How it Works
By joining our Academy you will receive the following:

– Access to our Professional Dashboard
– Hours of taught Professional e-learning course Units
– Downloadable PDF Factsheets
– Access to Podcasts
– Directed research guidance through Think Points
Scenario Based Assignment
– Access to Discussion forums

What you will be Taught
This course will provide the most up-to-date knowledge and understanding of Modern HECPO Management and will greatly enhance your career opportunities within organisations where you are employed and the security industry, whether you are a newcomer to this type of work or an existing operative, supervisor or manager who wishes to enhance their professional development. The hostile environment close protection course consists of 6 units with a minimum of 80 guided learning hours in total. The units cover the following:

hostile environment close protection course

Unit 1: Course Introduction – The Unit provides both a subject refresher and a subject update on relevant parts of the Close Protection (CP) function. This unit also provides a number of case examples that will help to show modern issues.

hostile environment close protection course
hostile environment close protection course

Unit 2: Hostile Environments and Threats – Covers the various hostile environments and threats of today and tomorrow. As the world is always changing, it is important to have a good understanding of the changing environments and the changing threats.


Unit 3: Hostile Environment Operations – Describes the methods for Close Protection (CP) operations within a hostile environment. Understanding the theory and concepts in more detail will help the Close Protection Operative (CPO) when it comes to the physical training or physical application.


Unit 4: Operating Procedures & Modern Challenges – Describes the modern challenges to Close Protection (CP). This includes the challenges of client expectations, of business risks, the proliferation of weapons and increased litigation.


Unit 5: The Close Protection Operative Being Modern – Describes how the Close Protection Operative (CPO) can be modern and how to keep being modern through greater awareness and further development within the security profession.


Unit 6: Final Assignment – This is a short online test paper that seeks to get evidence of the students’ understanding of the course content. The final assignment is marked by the course Subject Matter Expert (SME) and verified by the iSMTA verifier before the certificate is awarded.


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7 reviews for Hostile Environment Close Protection Course (Management)

  1. 5 out of 5


    I thought the course was good and met my expectations. I found the help from the tutor and online resources excellent. The layout of the course was good and easy to follow.

  2. 4 out of 5


    The course covered all the basic principals and practices necessary for a Close protection team to operate in a professional, safe and effective manner. The course answered and made “common sense” questions and arguments clear, as discussed and experienced on CPO Contract in Afghanistan where different nationalities with different training, background and experiences are put together as a Close protection team.

  3. 5 out of 5


    After military service, attending close protection courses, and working and leading details this course still offers valuable education that is relevant and useful. The best part about the course is that you get back what you put into it and at any given experience level you can learn something new. The course presents the basics and essentials to working and understand hostile environment operations and then requires you to research and articulate thoughtful essay responses at a college level. The more you research, think, and write, the more you are getting out of it. Overall, if learning and enhancing your professional education on close protection in hostile environments is what you are after, then this course will provide “YOU” the opportunity to learn and grow with the kicker of a relevant certification to add to your credentials. The online platform and provided resources simplify the expectations and the tutor is extremely helpful and easy to communicate with for all course and administrative issues.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Having experience as CP contractor in hostile environments of both Iraq and Afghanistan I should confess that tactics, techniques and procedures differ from operator to operator and team to team. Only you can decide what works best for your particular situation. Yet, when it comes to managing of multiple CP teams you probably would like to have a manual or solid knowledge which will help ensure all aspects of security are addressed during planning process. This course will provide you with such one. The content of the course enables me to learn the specific information about all phases of the security CP operations in the hostile environment. Also the content echoed my practical experience in templates, checklists, diagrams and guides. I was able to access the course while being deployed overseas and without a wide band internet. I highly recommend the course for those who practice the close protection and want to formalize their experience into rock solid formal knowledge.

  5. 5 out of 5


    Excellent on line resources and Tutor support. Course content met expectations and covered the key principles of HECPO and other related subject matter. Useful ‘refresh’ training for the seasoned practitioner, and for those new to this area of work. Highly recommended.

  6. 5 out of 5


    I was requested by my boss to demonstrate continued personal development and being unable to give up work e-learning was my only option, after some online research I selected ISMTA.
    The modules of the course were very well thought out and helped me to gain knowledge in a very effective way by encouraging me to use previous experience and personal research to complete each one.
    Had some difficulties at the start but they were resolved swiftly and professionally.
    I highly recommend this course.

  7. 5 out of 5


    Professionalism in my understanding, consists of practical experience and specialized education. Where education and experience are inseparably connected with each other, therefore training should be continuous at all time . This e-learning program provides an excellent opportunity to combine study while continuing to work. HECPOM course summarizes and systematization of all theoretical knowledge necessary for successful work in the position of the PSD Team Leader. And I believe that completed this course will give me opportunity growth up on the career ladder.

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